Monday, November 8, 2010


This evening Charlotte sat on the potty for ten minutes. She played with stickers, looked at her books, and did everything except pee. Which is fine because we aren't potty training. We're only using the potty when she expresses interest. So, when she decided she was done I said, "Okay, honey."

Then she peed on my bed.



  1. Ha! So the potty is where you go to wait to pee? :)

    Dumb-ish question: are the potties uncomfortable for their butts? We have a cheap Ikea potty (we might upgrade when we get serious about training), and while I can't try it out myself, obviously, it looks seriously uncomfortable. Thoughts?

  2. You know, I couldn't say for sure, either, but I guess it can't be that comfy to sit on hard plastic. Though, I have to say the Ikea ones look even less comfortable.

    We have one made by Safety First. It doesn't have any bells and whistles, only cost ten bucks or so. She likes it. I always thought those padded seats that fit over the toilet seemed more sanitary and comfortable, but I wanted something she could get on and off by herself.