Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charlotte's First Haircut

Please indulge me a moment to document this completely clichéd parenting milestone. Today Charlotte got her very first haircut. We had noticed that her hair always looked just awful , and we weren't really sure why. It was constantly in her eyes, and it was just sort of...frizzy. And stringy. I mean, that might just be her hair. Neither Chris nor I have enviable hair. His is pretty, but we are both cursed with really thin locks. I am very pleased with the results, though it is probably too soon to know if it will help with the overall shagginess.

In any case, we decided to get her some bangs to keep the hair out of her eyes. I found one of those places where they have the little cars for the kids to sit on. Bonus! They had a little television at each station, and Lotte's was playing Dora. I was never so happy to hear that shrill, little voice shouting the same phrase over and over again, as when I realized my daughter might actually sit still for this procedure.

In all her shaggy glory

It should be noted that I had to pull Chris away from an old arcade game (FOR THE CHILDREN) to take this picture.

She was doing really well, but a little, autistic boy (a regular of theirs) who does NOT like having his picture taken was yelling, and Charlotte, little empathetic creature that she is, got upset. So, she held my hand.


They gave us a certificate with a lock of her hair fastened to it. Pretty cool.

The cut actually rejuvenated her curls.

A celebratory "pop" in the castle

"Aaaaalll done!"


  1. For some reason I find it hilarious that you describe Chris as "pretty."

  2. Well, I mean, I was only talking about his hair.

    Though, he does have pretty eyelashes, too...

  3. So cute! Super adorable--not like she needs the help being adorable of course :-)

    We've done bangs over here (poor kid could barely see), but N.C. cut it a little short, which doesn't do quite the nice things for the curls that Charlotte's cut did!

  4. She is too cute for words. Congrats on a big milestone, momma!

    FC (you know his real name, of course) has such a mop that most of his college fund has gone to haircuts. It's ridiculous.

  5. Her hair looks awesome! And she was totally a trooper during the haircut.

    Oh, since we've been discussing bangs via twitter, I am going to get some tomorrow. I hope. If i don't chicken out.

  6. Gorgeous! I love the curls.

    I have super fine hair (hence the pixie cut...the only thing that works for me, really) and it appears Charlotte inherited at least some of that problem from me. Her hair has a little more texture than mine, at least. Sam's hair is glorious. Why do the boys get the pretty hair!?

  7. Ack! This is why I need to sleep before I read. I thought the line was "He is pretty." And now it makes sense that you would describe his HAIR as being pretty.

    Reading skillz: I haz them.

  8. Thanks, guys! I will pass your kind words on to Charlotte. And she'll say, "Yeah!" She loves to agree with praise.

    @Perpetua- Let me know how you like them! I would say, send me a picture, but, you know. :)

    @Jana- I wish I could pull off the pixie. It looks great on you!

  9. This is Megan's husband Chris here, and I would like to set the record straight about having to be pulled away from an "old arcade game." I was playing the standard arcade version of Crystal Castles from 1983! And it was set up so it was free all day. This makes it better, right? I mean sure Lotte was having her first hair cut but for a few minutes of that day I was 9 years old. Who wins? This is very controversial I know.