Monday, November 1, 2010

Here Goes Nothing...

I was unaware of this fact last year, but apparently November is National Blog Posting Month, or, NaBloPoMo. Meaning, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to post a blog every day in the month of November.

You may or may not have noticed that I have hit something of a blogging slump. I really can't explain it. I haven't felt motivated to write here (or anywhere, really) in quite some time. I have a nagging feeling that I SHOULD be writing. And whenever something happens to me, something very stereotypically "frazzled mother to a precocious toddler", I'll think to myself, "This is comic gold!" I'll write the post in my head all day, get more and more excited to type it up, then when I finally sit down at my laptop and put fingers to keys, I'm all "Meh."

I suppose it's a combination of my general fatigue, my proclivity for listless apathy, my laziness, and maybe more than anything, my fear of rejection. I've noticed a significant decrease in comment activity on the ol' blog, and rather than just saying "Screw you! " to anyone with whom I may have fallen out of favor or began to bore, I start scrutinizing what I've said, how I've said it, and pretty much begin to lose all confidence that anyone gives a damn about what I write. Once the "Do I complain too much? Did that come off as snobbish? Judgmental? Or am I too wishy washy? Am I telling too many poop stories? Posting too many pictures of Charlotte? Not enough?" questions start flooding my head, I've pretty much shut down, and the chances of getting an authentic post out of me are non-existent.

So, here I go. I will post every day this month (I hope). I can't promise that anything will be worth reading, but since I HAVE to write every day, I hope I will get out of my funk and just write.


  1. Woohoo! Another victim, I mean participant to keep me company!

    To some of your other points:
    1. I've noticed a significant drop in comments on all my sites (both personal and professional--yes, I also run blogs for work!), as well as on some of the sites I stalk. I'm blaming life in general (as well as Twitter--we can all comment there now). So don't let lack of comments discourage you too much (she says as she obsessively checks for comments on her blog for the 98th time today).
    2. I've found that with the blog at least, when you force yourself to write, it gets easier to write. If you don't worry about making everything gold, and just get something up, eventually it clicks--muscle memory if you will. (Says the non-writer. Just tell me to hush, I know you want to).
    3. I'm excited to see more posts from you. Selfishly.

  2. When I did this several years ago, there were people who acknowledged that they couldn't do nablopomo for whatever reason but made it their mission to cheer for someone who was. It was awesome.
    I will cheer for you, and Ginger, and Perpetua, and all you folks. Ra! Ra! Siss boom bah!

  3. I am totally banking on the muscle memory thing. I really think all I need is to just get going and stop worrying so much about the end result.

    It's hard not to worry about comments. I feel so silly. Like I'm in junior high again. Like, but she commented on THAT post, why not mine? It's so dumb.

    Thanks for point #3. That's always nice to hear!

  4. Girl, don't even trip over any lack of comments/followers! Your blog is the cat's pajamas, and you know I will be all up in this shit for this NaBloPoMo thing!

    Oh, and you can never post too many photos of Lotte or tell too many stories about poop ;)

  5. @Clara- Thanks for the cheer! I may be needing some "Siss boom bah" action as the weeks unfold...

  6. Don't let people get to you! You are a wonderful writer and yes, I don't completely get the blog thing, but you are wonderful at it. Good luck with writing everyday. That sounds like a job within it's self not including taking care of a toddler, cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping etc! lol

  7. My reason for not commenting on everything you post, because I do read your blog religiously, is the same for your not writing . . . listless apathy.

  8. @Shara- It will be challenging for sure. We'll see if I can keep it all up! Meanwhile, my house is begging to be cleaned.

    @Krissie- Ha! Fair enough. And, thanks for reading. :)

  9. "proclivity for listless apathy"=definition of Me!

    I've noticed the comment thing on my blog, too. Part of the reason I hiatus-ed a month ago was out of a feeling of "meh, no one's reading anyway."

    I am glad you're back. When you don't post for awhile, I always wonder what you and C are up to. :)

  10. Well, even if I start to lose my mind this month, I am at least glad that it means we will all be blogging regularly again. I was very sad when you were on your hiatus!

  11. I love reading your blog, even though I never respond. Keep it up girl! =]

  12. Hooray! Another blog to stalk this month!