Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Never Promised You'd Enjoy This

It's day three, and I'm already going to sort of phone it in. I'm very tired, and I have a bottle of Sauvingon Blanc in the freezer calling my name. I think there are some Kit Kats next to it, too...

I'm tired because I'm a total moron who stays up way too late every night. Sometimes it's because I want to finish a movie or watch another episode of Arrested Development (Except now I've seen the whole series. Seriously, what is wrong with you, America, that you couldn't be bothered to keep unadulterated genius programming on the air for more than three seasons? Maybe we should vote on THAT next election.) Do I not have the absolute longest parentheticals you've ever seen? That's probably not something to be proud of.

Other nights I do bizarre things like bake an apple pie at ten o'clock even though I can barely keep my eyes open. Chris says I don't respect sleep, and I suppose that's true. I just don't make it a priority.So, my bedtime has been hovering around midnight for a while now. Some days, it works out okay for me, and other days I'm totally wrecked in the morning, and I sort of get through the three or four hours until nap time with copious amounts of coffee and sometimes with the help of my pals over at Disney. Have I told you about Charlotte's obsession with "Pincess Fog?" So, THEN I take a nap, right?

Not so much. I have, you know, stuff to do. I usually end up spending two straight hours in the kitchen while Charlotte naps. I'm really getting into this food thing, and I just can't resist the temptation to make pumpkin bread, or black bean chili, or risotto,(a serious and alarming addiction for me. Seriously, find me help)or soup, and hopefully soon my own pizza dough with a recipe sent to me by the lovely Kathleen.

Food has sort of become my new hobby/obsession. Which is great except that getting off my ass and exercising has not made the cut. So, in the spirit of making positive changes like writing more, I'm going to do two things: go to bed early tonight and go to the fitness center at my apartment complex during Charlotte's nap tomorrow,(Relax. Chris will be home. Child neglect isn't on my to-do list.)and clock in at least half an hour with the treadmill.

I'd go outside and do something, but it's like a billion degrees out here. IN NOVEMBER. I'll save that rant for tomorrow.


  1. I also don't respect bedtime (though I LURVE sleep. I would totally make out with sleep if I could). I have too much to do, and too many tv shows to watch :-)

    And man, what is it with this weather? We don't have AC because we live too "close" to the beach--yes, it's 5 miles, but we don't exactly get ocean breezes--so it's like 90 in the house. GAH.

  2. I spend way too much time on my computer at bedtime.

    And man, can you come over and cook for me for a bit? Just like a week?!

  3. @Ginger- Dude. NOT cool. You can just ask my husband what a bitch I;d be if it was 90 degrees in my house.

    @Brooke- I seriously would if I could! That would be awesome. Kellen could keep Charlotte from asking me to play "Jack Song" (Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack) the entire time I cook.

  4. Well, when you're older, you won't be able to get away with that shit.When I haven't got enough sleep, I feel hung-over (with no alcohol). So, I do sleep, and the thing I have to do just pile up. I'm not sure what is worse...