Friday, November 19, 2010

I Can't Even Pretend to Care Right Now

Okay, look.

It's nine P.M. Charlotte just went to bed. She's been doing this all week. No matter what I do, I cannot get her to bed before nine. It's been a long week.

I haven't eaten dinner. There is a bag of trash I put outside yesterday but was too lazy to take to the dumpster that has now been rained on, so I should probably do something about that. I have the St. Jude walk tomorrow EARLY in the morning. The last thing I want to do right now is write a blog post.

So, call this what you will. You'll either be generous and say that it counts as a post, or you'll be honest and admit that it doesn't. And if you're really out to get me, you might also point out some of the other questionable posts containing nothing more than a picture and a line or two of text, and you'll call me a cheater.

Do what you gotta do. I'm pouring a glass of wine, watching Dexter, and going to bed.


  1. Hey, no one said they had to be pretty, they just had to be there!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I guess. Still feels like cheating. Though, like I said, it isn't the first post that felt like cheating.

    Thanks! And, thanks again for your donation. I'll make you proud! LOL

  3. What the WHAT? Totally a post!

  4. 1. this is a post.

    2. You know what is wrong with the blogging world? Y'all make me realise how much of a crap mother I am. My kid gets to bed at 7:30 every night basically without fail (except for the dinner fail the other night in which he was in bed at 8:30 instead). If he is awake he can sit in his cot and 'read' a book or two but Simon and I officially just clock out.
    We are like DONE, DING, bring on the alcohol and crappy teev coma. If hes being really noisy we will go tuck him back in but thats it. I'm so freaking crap at this motherhood thing :(

  5. Okay, we'll call it a post. Thanks, guys.

    Umm, Kate? That does NOT make you a crap mother. If anything, having a consistent bedtime that you stick to, is a GOOD thing. The thing is, I was able to do the same thing. Between 7 and 8 I would read her books, sing her a song and stick her in her crib. Walk out and I'm done!

    But lately she freaks the hell out and screams if I try to leave her in there until she is absolutely ready, which for some reason happens to be 9. This is not okay with me because I , too want to bring on the alcohol and T.V.!

    So, you clocking out is no different from me clocking out. And you win because you don't pull your kid out of the crib and let him watch some T.V. because you're too tired to do anything else.

  6. Uh, yeah - tv and alcohol after kids' bedtime. That's pretty much it around here. If there is a better definition of motherhood I don't want to hear it.

    I'm pretty sure when I did nablopomo there were a few "here's a video!" and "Hey guys I bought a purse" posts. Oh and then there was the one where I asked my readers to select a hair salon for me. And then told them about my haircut.

    Maybe you need a haircut?

    Anyway. Cut yourself some slack! Toddlers are the devil!

  7. I actually am getting my hair cut on Tuesday!

    Guess what Tuesday's post will be...