Friday, November 26, 2010

This is Why We Don't Have Thanksgiving Resolutions

Today was the day.

The day I resolved to get up in the middle of the night to do some Black Friday shopping. I've never done it before because large crowds make me unreasonably angry under normal circumstances, so I can only imagine the violence and vitriol that would ensue in large crowds at 3 A.M.

But, we're pretty strapped for cash, and I was hoping to get everyone presents that don't suck for half the price. Unfortunately, after scrutinizing the ads I couldn't even find anything that caught my eye. And, if you're going Black Friday shopping, especially with the Early Bird specials, you kind of need to know what you're after and make a beeline for it. It's not exactly the time to be wandering aimlessly, what with someone's elbow being in your eye and all.

So, I slept in, instead. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, I was greeted by "No Mommy! Just Daddy." when I came down the stairs, eager to greet my daughter. I try not to let her hurt my feelings, but it can be hard when she basically wants nothing to do with me all morning. And now she's refusing to nap. Again. At least there is pumpkin pie to get me through this very difficult time.

Which reminds me, I also resolved to work out today. Something about going to bed with a gut full of turkey and mashed potatoes, along with the knowledge that this will only be the first of many indulgences this holiday season, made me feel the need to drag my gravy-laden carcass to the treadmill so I can gasp for breath for about half an hour. I'm not completely ruling it out, but I'm about to tuck into a second cup of coffee and a slice of pie. So, prospects are not good.

I could clean my apartment! Yes, that would be a good idea. But, Chris just got the baby down for her nap (miraculously.) So, maybe today would be a good day to watch our first Christmas movie.

I'll just save all that stuff for New Year's day.


  1. Black Friday scares the crap out of me. The lead story on our news this morning? "Black Friday Fights." I'm not up for that, ever. There's always Cyber Monday. :)

    And I hope C snaps out of the "Not Mommy" cycle soon. That kid needs to give you a break!

  2. New Years Day is a *way* better day. Friday? Friday is for relaxing. You slept in. How wonderful is that? Write a belated resolution list, write "Sleep in" on it. Cross it off! Achieved.

  3. @Perpetua- Yeah, I heard something this year about a Black Friday shooting? No, thanks. I'll give everyone popcorn balls if it means I don't get shot shopping for their gifts.

    @Clara- It's true. Sleeping in is HUGE. I'm so accomplished!