Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flower Child

Today my mom and I took Charlotte to the California Poppy Reserve, which is just about twenty minutes away from my house. Chris stayed home and did our taxes. Sucks to be you, buddy! And by that I mean, "I love you, and thank you for doing our taxes, and for having a job, and please don't make me live on the street. Also, please buy me Starbucks."

Anyway! Here are a few shots from the day:

Her legs are getting too long for that carrier. And her rear-facing car seat. And the world.

Yes, I bought the baby sunglasses. But they are FREAKING adorable, so shut it.

I know what you're thinking. A baby that adorable? I could make a FORTUNE on the black market. But, I love her. So, again, shut it.

Thee would be more pictures, but between my mom not really knowing how to work her camera (I love you, Mom!), the fact that I forgot my camera, and the fact that Charlotte has the attention span and capacity for sitting still of, well, a get the idea.

This was one of those days that made me appreciate living in Southern California. Spring days are good for that. Come summer, I'll be sitting in a pool of my sweat on a 100 degree day, and I'll be cursing the desert. But, until then, I'm enjoying it.

Updated: Here are a few more shots that I got from our friend, Lynn's camera.

Oh! And, I forgot to tell you guys about the lady who shushed me (SHUSHED me!) for talking too loudly while we were walking up the trail at the reserve. Look, I'm loud. I know this. I come from a loud family. But, I am also (mostly) polite, and I always watch my decibel level in places like restaurants, museums, libraries, obviously. I never talk on my phone in waiting rooms. I have a handle on my loudness! So, I was shocked when this lady shushed me, and then said under her breath "Nobody wants to hear you." We were outside!

I wanted to be angry, but I was mostly just embarrassed.

NOW, I'm angry.


  1. A-dorable! She's a total cutie, in and out of her sunglasses. I'm hoping to get out with my little one this weekend or next for some photos like this (I love Southern California weather btw).
    BTW, if you find a carrier for a long baby, let me know. Mine is long and heavy, and I can barely carry him anymore.

  2. Thanks!

    My friend is letting me borrow her Ergo for a few days to see if I like it. I'll let you know!

  3. Now that's a cute kid. Put her in a poppy field, and...look out.

    My god, I have to do my taxes. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I still can't believe that woman. What a crab! She should have been in a better mood in such a beautiful place.

  5. Man, what a bitch!!
    I'll have to tell you my supermarket story a little later. Maybe the old bag I encountered was related to the one you encountered.

    But at least Charlotte is super-duper cute! :)

  6. That's OK, I called her an "old bat" and a "crone" in my column this week. And not a crone in the "Carl Jung, good and wise woman, archetype" way. More a sex-deprived old bitch sort of way...