Friday, April 9, 2010

Fess Up Friday

It's that time again! Time to confess my sins for the week. And boy, do I ever sin. But, here are just a few minor blunders. I don't want to scare you off with the real stuff. Besides, dead hookers don't exactly scream mommyblog.

A couple days ago I kept Charlotte out way past her nap time because I'm a horrible, selfish human being. She (understandably) got cranky on the ride home. So, I gave her a cereal bar to eat. I also neglected to take off her shoes and hoodie before strapping her in the car seat even though I KNEW she'd fall asleep on the way home. Which is why I ended up putting a fully dressed and shoed baby with cereal bar smeared all over her face into her crib. She didn't exactly look comfy, but she slept for two hours. She was probably depressed about having such a lousy mother.

I fed Charlotte mac n' cheese for dinner last night. A LOT of it. The box says organic, but the neon orange all over her face begged to differ. She's gonna eat crap food once in a while, whatever. The part that gets me is that I stupidly thought it would be a good way to get some dairy into her system, forgetting that the entire box only takes about two tablespoons of milk.

I talked really loudly on a hiking trail and scared all the poppies.

I splattered grease all over my favorite jeans, coffee grounds all over my pajamas, and got a mystery stain on my new shirt.

I got more writing done than usual (though nowhere near enough), and I'm currently ignoring my child while she spills dog food all over the floor. She may even be eating it. No, I'm kidding, that isn't happening. Or, it is. I don't really know.

I'm sure there's more, but I have a body to bury...I MEAN, baby to feed. Yeah, time to feed the baby...


  1. Organic boxed mac and cheese- yum! I would have made some for lunch for myself but I ate it yesterday. So I'm having Ritz and cheese. Not much better. But remember that cheese is dairy, so you're good there!

  2. powdered organic cheese totally counts as dairy. That's what I tell myself when I sprinkle it on E's rice. :)

    Oh and E goes to bed clothed all the time. So either neither of us are terrible, or both of us are. Good company either way. :)

  3. When your baby doesn't sleep through the night? It's not really a big deal when they start out the night in street-clothes or without a fresh diaper. Whatevs.

    And if Henry would eat it, I'd serve him just about anything. But all he eats is cottage cheese. Seriously, he won't ANYTHING.

  4. Thank you, ladies! I feel so much better. I didn't really think of the cheese counting, due to its powdered state, but I guess it does!

    The dairy thing is killing me. Her ped said she needs 16 oz. a day. But she won't drink milk, and short of giving her 4 Yo Baby yogurts a day, I'm stumped.

    Maybe she'd drink more milk if she was weaned, but we're nowhere near that point. Maybe I'll just inject some milk into her veins...

  5. Will she eat shredded cheese? Henry loves it, extra sharp cheddar. He'll also shovel in cottage cheese. Both are life savers as he refuses to eat pretty much anything else, and won't drink milk either. They got him to drink soy milk at childcare the other day so I'm going to ask the ped if that's a direction we should go.

  6. Nah, she's not big on cheese, either. Once in a while she will eat a handful or so of shredded cheese or some of it melted on a piece of bread, but nothing significant.

    And she won't go near cottage cheese. Just like her dad.

  7. Have you tried American cheese slices? I don't know why, but kids eat that shit up. It amazes me b/c it smells horrible. Really, really horrible.

    And shame on you for scaring those poppies! Shame. On. You.