Friday, November 2, 2012

The Day Shift

Hey, I'm blogging a whole half hour earlier tonight! Wheeee!

So, I warned you that I'd be phoning it in this week. Don't expect anything substantial until Sunday, at the earliest. Or maybe just don't expect it at all. I like to keep the bar low around here. Which reminds me, did anyone see the South Park about Honey Boo Boo/Raising the Bar? Pretty brilliant.


I mentioned last night that Chris was working the day shift this week. I've always sort of fantasized about him working "regular" hours in a grass is greener sort of way. I knew our schedule had its benefits, but the appeal of having help with bedtime and getting time to hang out with him after the kids went to sleep was pretty compelling. I also reasoned that it would be easier to kill time with the kids during the day. The days would fly by, what with all those trips to the park and coffee dates, right?

Yeah, eff this noise. The days DRAG. We have watched the new Tinkerbell movie four times, and today we went to two different parks just because I was completely out of ideas. It isn't that I have a hard time finding activities to do with Charlotte. There was painting and baking and playing cats and all kinds of nonsense. I would still be bored out of my skull by the end of a week, but we could do it. But doing all this with a baby who sucks at napping, wants to be held constantly, and spends a good chunk of the day being downright pissed off by his inability to crawl or sit or grab things, or basically do anything useful, is insanely hard.

I'm not one to play the martyr, so I'm fine with admitting that having Chris home during the day is wonderful. I still spend long hours alone with my kids, but it gets broken up into two sections. I wake up with them and kill time until Chris gets up. Then I get help with lunch. I can take a long shower. Hell, I can take a NAP if I want/need to. Chris plays with Charlotte while I nurse the ridiculously distractible baby. Chris holds the baby while I clock in some Mommy/daughter bonding time. It's just...the best.

Then he leaves in the evening, but I don't have a long day stretching in front of me. I have maybe an hour of playtime, and then it's the dinner/bath/bed routine. Bedtime is kind of a nightmare (that post is coming) but once it's over? I get to watch Hulu and drink a beer. Wow, guys, my life seriously rules. I guess I needed this week to really know that for sure.

On that note, it's a Friday night, and Chris is actually here, so I'm out.


  1. Two people is definitely helpful in the handling of kids, though I spend so much time with Dan, I sometimes fantasize about alone time.

    (on a random blog side note, your blog list is still pointing to Mommy in Chief!)


    But now you have the whole day to think up blog posts! Right? (don't hit me. I mean well.)