Sunday, November 4, 2012

That Didn't Take Long

So, we had a long day today. Not in a bad way. We were just busy. First we had a baby shower about 45 minutes away. We went, we ate cupcakes, we took silly pictures, I tried and failed to win the most blue necklaces by catching people saying "baby."

Then we hauled it home so I could gather up all my Halloween costume paraphernalia (blue hair spray, glitter, fairy wings, and a fairy costume made by my very talented mom) to go to a costume wedding reception for another friend. I left the kids with Chris for this one. I got to go get dressed with the bride, swing little girls around on the dance floor, and give a toast to say how very happy I am that my very good friend found love and a family.

I came home, put the kids to bed, sat around talking with my husband about our nights, started to get ready for bed, when all of a sudden somthing clicked in my brain. NaBloPoMo. I hadn't written my post for the day!

It was 12:45.

Well, shit. I failed after three days. I'm going to keep going, though. I won't collect any shiny blogging medals at the end of the month. That wouldn't be right. Also, I'm pretty sure they don't exist.

Here's to tomorrow.

Oh, and here I am with blue hair.

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