Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've been trying to get my act together enough to write a ControverSunday post or really just ANY post, but for some reason, my brain is all mushy. So, I'm going to ease myself in with a few random thoughts, and maybe I'll get back on track by the end of the week.

-Quinoa is one of the weirdest foods I've encountered in my quest for a healthy diet. Is it soft? Is it crunchy? I guess it's both. In any case, Charlotte gobbled it up, which is good since it's apparently some kind of superfood. But, you know what isn't? Dirt. And since I forgot to wash the quinoa before cooking it, I'm pretty sure we're all eating a little soil mixed in with the protein and grains.

-Charlotte calls me "Mom". Not mommy or mama. Just Mom. It's really cute to hear her say it, but I was hoping to get a few years of the mommies before being known as Mom. At least it isn't "Mother!" in an exasperated tone.

-I really hope the fifteen minutes a day of Sesame Street I let Charlotte watch (30 minutes if it's a bad day) is not responsible for this, but the kid has the attention span of a gnat. Hopefully it's just her age, but I was dismayed to have to chase her all around our favorite coffee shop today while my friend's 19-month-old sat and played in the kids' area like a good, little girl.

-Eventually Charlotte's little friend caught on and joined in the parading all over the coffee shop fun, but you know what she didn't do? Throw at least three tantrums while we were there. Seriously, removing Charlotte from a dangerous situation, taking a toy from her, picking her up when she doesn't want to be held; all of these will result in a toy being thrown, some shrieking, and me getting hit in the face. So, I look into her eyes, hold her hands away from my face, and say very sternly, "We do NOT hit/throw toys/yell." And she stops wiggling, meets my gaze, and says "Hi!" Something tells me I'm not getting through to her...

-Chris and I suck really hard at establishing and sticking to, a proper sleep routine for the baby. She still sleeps about twelve hours at night and takes an hour and a half nap, but the methods by which we accomplish this are haphazard, at best. Bedtime is fine, usually. She nurses, then puts herself to sleep in her crib. But, now that I'm having pain nursing, I need to think about weaning, and I definitely can't be nursing her one to three times in the middle of the night. Nap time is a joke. It's a mixture of rocking, driving in the car, some CIO, and begging and pleading. Something will be working for a while, and then either we mess it up, or she does. And something works one day, but won't the next. It's just...exhausting.

-I'm going out for drinks with a friend this weekend, and I'm very excited. I almost wrote my ControverSunday post this week about "Drinking and Mothering" because I feel like I talk about drinking wine/craving drinks/drinking a lot, and I was wondering if I was being judged, if it was socially acceptable, if anyone cares as much as my paranoid brain thinks they do, that I enjoy my alcohol. But then I realized I was being silly. I drink, but I rarely get drunk, and only when I'm not responsible for the baby, which is...almost never, anyway. So, I'm okay with it. But, I guess I'm still curious about people's feelings on the subject.

-I'm starving. So, I'm gonna go eat some dusty quinoa.


  1. I am not judging your drinking. In fact, I believe that I will be in the same situation as you. Both when I have more children and right now instead of writing two papers.

  2. a) A has yet to utter any word but "Dad", so I am totally jealous of your "Mom"

    b) A has watched 0 TV (not cause we are snobs, just because the TV is in the basement and its not baby proof down there and we have no cable) and she still has the attention span of a gnat.

    c) A also will erupt into temper tantrum over anything. Except when we calmly look her in the eye and say "A do not hit/throw/ect" she cry's her head off as if we have told her we are disowning her. It is heartbreaking. Which tells me she is already a master manipulator.

    d) For those darn naps, I say put her down and walk away. That is just me. If you are consistent for enough times she will just go to sleep. Maybe. Well, A would. But maybe not Charlotte. Never mind- do whatever works.

    e) Wine. Don't worry. Me too. I love to have a drink a couple nights a week. I don't get drunk but I LOVE my wine. If the world judges us they can judges us together. I am with you!

  3. I know you're on my side, Kristal. :)

    Actually, putting her down and walking away would probably work. It HAS worked. But once in a while, it won't, or she'll get sick, or I'll keep her out past nap time and she gets overtired, or we just generally chicken out, and we mess it all up. I actually told Chris this week I was going to put her down at 11 and walk away every day. I've already messed it up twice. LOL

    I'll get it right soon. :)

  4. Yeah, no judgment, not on any of it. The friend with the 19 month old was probably just having a really good day.

    Instead of throwing temper tantrums, E gags himself until he almost pukes when he gets mad. He gets the watery eyes and everything. It's ridiculous.

    Oh, and I'd drink except that I get seriously screwed up from even half a beer now, and I cannot tolerate gin at all *sob*. Consider yourself and your full glass lucky :)

  5. The key is to build up your tolerance slowly! Too bad we don't live near one another; I could totally get you drinking again. It's sort of a gift of mine.

    I'd have you ask my friends to verify, but they're all sitting at a bar, expertly drinking, without throwing up. :)

  6. Kellen also has skipped "mommy" and moved straight to "mom." I'm also mourning the cute "mommy" or "momma" phase.