Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Why I've Been So Lame

I tend to avoid writing about my life in a "So, here's what's going on with me, lately" kind of way. Mostly, because my life isn't very interesting. But, I need to put this out there because I don't want the few people who read this blog to give up on me due to its sparsely updated...ness.

I didn't update last weekend because we went to Sea World, and I was all geared up to write about the perils and pitfalls we encountered travelling with a tiny toddler. But, I returned from my trip to a situation that required my immediate attention and all my time and energy, so that never happened.

So, on that matter, I will only say this: those of you with the kids I see in malls, amusement parks, and the like, sleeping in their strollers? Those of you that don't have to sit around your hotel for hours while the rest of your party is chilling with Shamu, so your baby can nap, so she won't be a total jerk all day? I hate you guys.

Seriously! Who ARE these kids that just go, "You know what? I'm feeling a little sleepy. I think I'll just recline in this here stroller and check out for a little while." And more importantly, why can't MY kid be like that? She will be falling all over herself, drunk-ass tired, but the second I recline her in the stroller, she's like "I'm up! See? I'm bouncing, I'm kicking, I'm FINE. Put my seat back up."

So, yeah. There was a lot of 5 A.M waking, hotel napping, Sea World missing, fun. But, there was also swimming in the hotel pool, Shamu gazing, and lots of good times.

But, I digress. What's going on is that we currently live about an hour and a half from Chris's work, and after six years of commuting, he's pretty much done. So, we've been wanting to move about 45 minutes closer, to an area that we can (sort of) afford. Trouble is, we bought our house when the market was booming, and we are crazy upside down, like heads-buried-in-the-ground upside down, so selling is out of the question.

Long story short, due to a renter falling into our laps, we're renting the place out and moving.

In three weeks.

Yeah, last week seemed hellish because we were scrambling to get the house ready to show to our tenant (weird to say). Now that she's agreed, we want to accommodate her as much as possible because she's like a dream as far as tenants go, so we need to find a place and be out by the last weekend of June.

So, I know this is all very tedious and we'd both rather I was writing about how Charlotte threw a toothbrush at my eye the other day, but this is just to let you know why posting has been light, and will continue to be light these next few weeks. I'm sure I'll find time to get on here and bitch about how much I hate moving, and oh how I HATE moving. But, I know I won't have as much time as I would like to really write the way I love to do.

So, keep your fingers crossed that we find a place to live, so that we don't have to move in with my mom or in-laws, and that I don't go totally insane trying to pack and downsize all the crap we've accumulated in the past six years.

I don't have a good feeling about this...


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! And, just so you know, none of my 3 children were sack-it-out-anywhere-types and I think that is ultimately a really good thing, because it means they have a will. It may feel tougher now, but a strong will WILL serve C very well in the years to come.

    Take care!

  2. Thank you for the crossed fingers! She definitely is strong-willed, and that is an awesome take on the matter. I do like that she has such a strong personality, even though it's tough sometimes. :)

  3. It sucks that you have to do it in three weeks, but letting go of material stuff is very freeing. You'll be surprised what you can do without. (I say that like I don't have a shit-load of stuff in storage....) I'll do what I can to hel, and when it is all over, your lives will be better. Sadly, you'll be farther away, but it will be better for Chris.
    Good luck, baby!

  4. I wish I were on your side of the country because then I could help you move (really, I'm a great packer, and a great follower of directions).

    The good news is that in four weeks, you're done! New house, better commute, better everything. It's going to suck in the meantime, but the payoff is going to be great.

    This also helps me inadvertently because it reminds me that 1.5 hour commutes? Are NOT GOOD. :)

  5. It's true. A month from today, we'll be in our new place, and this will all be behind us. Though, it will be an apartment, rather than a house. Hence the downsizing. I'm okay with it. It will be weird, but I'm trying to look at the brightside, which is that at least I'll finally get to live in a place built after the 1950's!

    And, yeah. 1.5 hour commutes, are definitely not good. :)

  6. Whew, I'm tired just thinking of this all for you! If I were a little farther north, I'd offer to help pack...well, actually you probably don't want my help packing. I'm pretty bad at it--I'm more a "sweep it all in a box and hope it works out ok" kind of packer. But I would still offer!

  7. I've been wondering about the whole moving/renters/etc. thing, so I'm glad you posted about it even if you're reticent to write "what's going on with me" posts. Also, my kid is the kid that will not nap in a car or stroller or anywhere other than my lap at home. He'll sleep all night in his crib and in a crib at child care, but only my lap at home. Not even in bed with me at home, which I'd be all about because I could nap as well. I know people with kids who will nap in GROCERY CART seats and in their ARMS while doing errands, etc. and I'm talking toddlers, not newborns. Where do I get me one of those?

  8. Ah, the lets! maneuver. Actually, you might like it, it is a perfect excuse to toss out all the stuff you hate and start fresh.

    As for the napping...yeah, mine are really into being in their own beds. The little one naps 2-3 times a day, the big one takes 1 nap, these naps overlap for maybe 20 minutes a day...I am a prisoner in my own home. I feel your pain, we clearly need a support group!

    Good luck with the move!

  9. Good luck. Remember to throw things out/donate as you go. That miscellaneous box? You don't need that stuff ;-)