Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderful Wednesdays: At the Park

I thought this week would be a good one to participate in Wonderful Wednesdays because this is the first day in months that I woke up to weather that didn't make me want to kill myself!

Seriously, it is beautiful today, all gray and cloudy, with a cool breeze. I looked out the window and was so happy that I decided to forgo our usual routine of hanging out in pajamas until Chris wakes up, and I got us all dressed, dusted off the jogging stroller, and we set off to the park.

Charlotte was thrilled when she realized we were going to the park. She gets a little bored just sitting in the stroller when I've tried to go for an evening jog (which is my word for panting, holding my side, and generally dying, for thirty whole seconds and then walking the rest of the way), so when she saw the shiny plastic kingdom awaiting her as we turned the corner, she cried out "Play!" and decided I was good people and called off this afternoon's assassination attempt.

There was a little girl about Charlotte's age there with her nanny. So, they did the typical toddler ritual of smiling and pointing at each other while repeatedly informing those around them that there is, in fact, another baby in proximity.

It was kind of awkward for us grown-ups, as there was a significant language barrier, but we were able to ascertain the respective ages and names of the kids. Then we just smiled feebly at one another whenever one of the girls would start following the other all over the park.

It took Charlotte a little while to warm up to the girl, but once she did, she very suddenly (and loudly) ran up to her and said "HI!" at which point, the baby looked frightened and asked to be picked up by her caregiver. I don't blame her. Charlotte scares me, too.

There were a few more uncomfortable moments, this time involving Charlotte's new favorite word. First she ran up to a toy that a little boy was playing with, pointing her finger, shaking with rage and growling, "MINE." Which, you know, is typical, and she can get away with, what with her cherub face and all. It's when she starts pointing at human children and asserting her claim with a "My baby" that things get interesting.

Soon enough, it was time to head home. The walk was less than wonderful considering that my inability to comply with her majesty's command to "Run run" all the way back to our apartment complex due to aforementioned panting and wheezing, was something of a disappointment to Charlotte.

But, when we got home there was bacon being prepared by my cute husband. So, back to wonderful.

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And tell me what is wonderful in your lives, too!

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  1. I love fall weather! Dan took Kellen to the park yesterday, and he got his first playground kiss. I love your description of you running. I totally get that!